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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

Il Posto

Posted on Aug 2, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 2 comments

“The sensation is that these choices of mine are not only mine but that others have them too. I really don’t feel exclusive… My ambition instead, perhaps because of my peasant-worker background, is to look at the world with others, not as an aristocratic intellectual.” – Ermanno Olmi

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Pépé Le Moko

Posted on Jul 26, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 1 comment

One common theme in the films of Duvivier: The sly malevolence of womankind.

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Pandora’s Box

Posted on Jul 19, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 3 comments

“I have a gift for enraging people, but if I ever bore you, it’ll be with a knife.” – Louise Brooks

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Miss Julie

Posted on Jul 12, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 1 comment

Strindberg was married three times, produced a hundred or so abstract paintings, was a professional telegrapher and amateur alchemist, and claimed to have cast black magic spells on his daughter.

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M. Hulot’s Holiday

Posted on Jul 5, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 3 comments

“What I wanted to present with the character of Hulot was a man you can meet in the street, not a music hall character. He does not know that he is being funny.” – Jacques Tati

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Posted on Jun 28, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 1 comment

“Lang is a mix of artist and pulp storyteller, pessimist and entertainer. As much as any other film director he found how to fuse high and low culture in the new medium of the cinema.” – The Permanent Magic of Fritz Lang,

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Loves of a Blonde

Posted on Jun 21, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 2 comments

“Suddenly the ideologues are telling you this is decadent, these are four apes (the Beatles) escaping from the jungle. I thought I’m not such an idiot that I love this music, and suddenly these political ideologues were strangers.” – Miloš Forman

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The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

Posted on Jun 14, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 9 comments

“It takes a longer view of history which was an extraordinarily brave thing for someone to do in 1943, at a time when history seemed to have disintegrated into its most helpless, impossible and unforgivable state.” – Stephen Fry

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The Lady Vanishes

Posted on Jun 7, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 8 comments

“Watching The Lady Vanishes is like going into an attic and finding a jewel from another place, another time.” – Joe Valdez,

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Knife in the Water

Posted on May 31, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 1 comment

“Polanski’s work might be seen as an attempt to map out the precise relationship between the contemporary world’s instability and tendency to violence and the individual’s increasing inability to overcome his isolation…” – J. P. Telotte,

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