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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

Gathering the Crumbs

Once upon a time, I had a band, and we recorded a bunch of songs, made some short films, and even wrote a book. Later, some friends and I created a website, where we posted short autobiographical stories, mostly about rock concerts and getting busy in the back of a Trans Am. Later still, I moved from Seattle, WA to Springfield, MA, and kept a blog during the whole ordeal.

Pretty soon, fragments of my life were strewn across the Intertubes like Hansel’s breadcrumbs. To continue with that metaphor, this website is my attempt to gather those crumbs together before the Evil Witch of the Black Forest (in this case, an over-eager website administrator) has a chance to toss Gretel in the convection oven (delete my posts).

Hopefully, the Brave Woodsman (you) will be able to follow the breadcrumbs (enjoy my posts) before the Evil Witch (in this section, I would be the Evil Witch, although I realize that’s not consistent with the previous paragraph) prepares her Hansel casserole (forgets to pay the Dreamhost bill).

Thank you for your interest in the fifi organization.