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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

fifi: History and Ephemera

“Well… it’s interesting, but it’s not really ‘music,’ is it?”
My father, upon hearing an early fifi recording.

In 1984, Eric, Paul, Joey and I formed a band. We spent a lot of time talking about music in that obsessive, slightly creepy way common among teenage boys, and we could all quote at length from episodes of Monty Python; forming a band was the next logical step.

Incredibly, 20 years later, we found ourselves (well, three of us, anyway) gathered in my living room, screaming into a broken karaoke microphone plugged into a laptop, and trying to figure out how to tune Eric’s guitar an octave lower so that we could fake a bass track.

In short, this is not one of those stories where the main characters learn a valuable lesson and change their ways. No, this is one of those stories where the main characters stubbornly cover their ears, stamp their feet, and refuse to grow up, leaving a wide swath of acrimony, frustration, unemployment, bankruptcy and divorce in their wake.


fifi History (Gospel Truth)

In the articles below, you will find not only the complete, unexpurgated story of fifi in actual old-fashioned “words” (including lyrics!), but also streaming Flash videos and downloadable high-quality MP3s.

  1. Live and Rabid
  2. Does its Duty
  3. Rabid
  4. Don’t Eat Bricks
  5. Captain Kangaroo Stole My Car
  6. Everybody Should Love Each Other… (this is the one where Jason makes some unsubstantiated claims about religion and gets everyone riled up)
  7. The “Paul’s Basement” Sessions
  8. Bonus Tracks

fifi History (Damn Lies)

Oh, yeah – we also wrote a fictionalized autobiography, which you can read here.

fifi History (Everything)

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