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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

fifi History 3: Rabid

NOTE: Citing my notoriously faulty memory and my tendency toward “mendacious untruth” (not my words), various fifi alumni and supporters have graciously added corrections and additions where necessary throughout this series. If there are no corrections in the article below, that must indicate that my recollections are without error.

fifi Makes Amends for Youthful Transgressions


Once More Into Doug’s Garage

After completing “Does Its Duty,” we found that our previous album, “Live & Rabid,” didn’t sound quite so awesome to us anymore. There were numerous mistakes in the recording itself, and also some poor mixing decisions, that we had wanted to fix, but ultimately left in, due to our inexperience and our lack of funds. With two complete albums to our name, we felt that we now had the expertise to fix all those things and release a vastly superior version of our debut album.

Sometime in 1986, we scheduled another eight-hour session at the hallowed Metrix Studios complex, fully confident that we would walk out at the end of the day with a remastered “Live & Rabid.”

All was proceeding according to plan, until the time came to mix the album down to the final stereo 2-track. “So, where’s that cassette you guys had with the crowd noise?” asked the engineer. Crap! Sadly, that tape was long gone, consigned to the dustbin hours after we had finished mixing the album the first time.

After a brief conference out in the Metrix lobby (Doug’s front yard), Eric and I agreed to press onward and mix the album without the crowd noise. Which, of course, meant the album could no longer be called “LIVE & Rabid.” On the spot, we re-christened the album “Rabid.”

Which… kinda worked. Although, if you listen to the final product, you may find yourself wondering why the singer is shouting things like “Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce the Filler on drums!” if there’s no live audience to hear this helpful introduction. You might also find yourself wondering: “…if they intended to fix their earlier mistakes, why did they choose NOT to fix obvious things, like the sound of the studio telephone ringing approximately one minute into ‘Sorry ‘Bout That’?”

If you asked this question, I would be tempted to answer that “we intentionally left that in for satirical purposes” or “our brand of rock music is inherently chaotic” but the truth is probably closer to “dude, we didn’t even notice that.”


  1. Wood


To download any of the songs individually, just right-click on the desired track in the playlist above and select “Save link as…”

To download the entire set in a .zip file, click here.


In case you’re interested (and also because Robin says she can’t understand what the hell we’re singing), the lyrics for this album can be found here.

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  1. My only comment is that the field where the photo at the top was taken is no longer there. ‘Tis now a parking lot. As MLTHS was torn down and rebuilt a number of years ago.

    Now, whether or not fifi’s concerts and overall railing against all things High School and authority caused the ultimate decision to tear the school down to the ground and rebuild it is up for debate – but for this listener…I can only think that it had something to do with it.

    Or maybe it was the simple fact that the school song, which I learned on the day of graduation, talked of hallowed hallways at which time none existed (accept in the small addidtion that contained the only TRUE hallways and the theater).

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