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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

“Sorry ‘Bout That” Part 1A


In 1993, with the help of (then-)wife Jen and (then-)friend Eric (no, not Creery; this is another Eric), I put together a fifi “documentary” entitled, “Sorry ‘Bout That.” This was long before the age of iMovie or other consumer-grade digital video editing packages. What I had was about 4 VCRs, a CD player, and a cassette tape player all hooked up to a switching box, which fed into another VCR, which was set to “record.” Eric and I did all of the source switching and volume adjusting “live” during the mixdown, and the results were predictably shoddy.

My personal VHS copy of the film would only play in the VCR on which it was recorded; a fact which I only realized some years later, long after the original VCR had disappeared. In 2007, I complained about this sad fact to Jeff Lageson, who casually informed me that he owned a duped copy of my film, which would play on any VCR. Thus, in much the same way that scrolls from the Alexandrian Library have survived to the modern era only via the second-generation copies transcribed by Islamic scholars… Jeff totally saved my ass. He loaned me his copy, I digitized it, edited out the most painfully boring parts and the most egregiously amateurish editing flubs, and I now present it here, in serialized form, only to satisfy my OCD.

Before you start griping about the flickering video, the inaudible dialogue, the “oh for fuck’s sake is this fucking VANGELIS?” soundtrack, the shockingly inept Ken-Burns-ish cinematography, my gravity-defying Kevin-Bacon-in-Footloose hairstyle, or the fact that approximately ninety percent of the film is nothing but stationary shots of me sitting in a chair, talking… I would respectfully remind you that I made this in 1993, so shut it.

p.s. Holy Crap! Check out Matt’s beard!

Proceed to the next chapter in the spellbinding fifi documentary, “Sorry ‘Bout That.”


  1. So fun and creative! I hadn’t read this in a long time. xoxo

  2. Classic stuff. Like rummaging through a box of trinkets in a musty attic and then pulling out that number 16 issue of “Richie Rich” – you know the one where he and Cadbury go on some crazy money fueled adventure and then, suddenly, you’re sucked back into that moment, that time, that space…until you close it and put it back in the box.

    This was like that.

    I remember Jason coming over to my house one afternoon to ask me my comments…great to finally see the final video.

    Thanks for taking me back down memory lane, Cadbury.

  3. You know I’m a huge fan of yours, Jason. I did take the time to view the whole “Sorry Bout That” video and learned more about the whole saga. Prior to the video, I must honestly say that the only thing I personally remembered about FIFI were the two performances at MTLK Terrace High School. I really sympathize with the efforts to complete the projects under difficult circumstances even without much hope of commercial success. You certainly surprised me with your discipline throughout this period. Many will likely relate to such need to leave something behind.

  4. I cannot believe you still have all this footage!!! It’s priceless.. my favorite parts are our two Dads, and thier reactions.. I was gasping for breath by the end of this!!! And all the peanut gallery comments about you all.. oh my goodness.
    Pure Bliss.
    I am shocked at how honest I was about not really caring about Hoopcakes, etc.
    It’s funny to watch myself, so young, so full of it!
    I love Max’s teeny voice in the background of Jeff Henderson’s interview.. “mommy? Mommy?” so cute!

  5. Holy Hell, that is the funniest intro to a clip I have ever read!
    I feel like I almost don’t need to watch it now, I am already enjoying myself so much!
    Hee hee

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