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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

The True Story of Paul Revere (as told by Billy and Max)

Max, what can you tell us about this video?

This little gem owes its existence to my 5th grade curriculum. In an effort to engage students and circumvent 30 half-baked essays on American Revolutionary icons, our teachers decided to let us “Choose Your Own Adventure” on this project. We were given a sheet with presentation ideas ranging from edible dioramas to spoken beat poems about our assigned historical figure. My partner and I, high on dreams of grandeur after landing Paul Revere as a subject, decided to make… a movie! We were going to pull out all the stops: costumes, props, thrilling monologues, action scenes, and of course, injected with our own brand of “humor”. This was our chance! Our chance to show our teachers we could put out something beyond lukewarm attempts at academia, to show our class we weren’t total losers… Everyone would know our names. Instead, what happened is pretty much what anyone would expect from two 10-year-olds operating a camera in the days before auto-adjusting white balance and being able to do more than one take on a tape. The highlight of our project ended up being my dog taking a dump in the background of one of the scenes.

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