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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

1995: MLT 10-Year Reunion


Jeff and I shot this on the occasion of the Mountlake Terrace Senior High 10-Year Reunion. It’s grainy and overlong and there’s a fair amount of “OMG! I just found out that Denise had a crush on me in the tenth grade!” hoo-ha. Only of interest to the folks who were actually there, and even that’s debatable.

I edited out the worst of the pre- and post-event trash talk, including a part where Jeff calls Bob M. a dick. Still present in the final cut: Mark W’s “Shoot-Out at 7-11” story, Holli R’s clearly superior feet, and the part where we nearly lose our lives to a defective smoke machine.


  1. Kim – boy did you miss out if it stopped at my part! Nice glasses and curly hair I had! Great job, Jason and Jeff. Love it!

  2. It is great that you keep this stuff man!! My entire awkward childhood and pitiful young adult life caught on tape and preserved digitally, what would I do without you my brother!

  3. WEll aaaah, Duh….

  4. Hey Kim ~ it seems to work for me, but maybe I’ve got a better connection…? Too bad, because you missed the really embarrassing part with you near the end…

  5. Really enjoyed the video. Though I was not able to make the reunion, it was interesting to see how people have changed in the space of only 10 years. I assume that things are even more different now that it has been 25 years since graduation. It is good that we are leaving momentos of those memories.

  6. Hey Jason, what a great video, but I only got to the part with Karen Bickford….s’up with that? Operator error…or is there else? Oh yes, also diggin’ the soundtrack!

  7. Jeff H., not Jeff L ….

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