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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

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Brief Encounter

Posted on Feb 15, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 6 comments

“My notion is that cinema was invented for Brief Encounter.” – Dan Talbot, founder of New Yorker Films

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Black Orpheus

Posted on Feb 8, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 5 comments

First, let’s get this out of the way: No, Marcel Camus did not write The Stranger. That was Albert (no relation, apparently).

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Beauty and the Beast

Posted on Feb 1, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 5 comments

The answer to your question is, “Yes, Jean Cocteau was also a manager of professional boxers.” I shit you not. As near as I can tell, Jean Cocteau was the bisexual Chuck Norris of the Surrealist movement.

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Ballad of a Soldier

Posted on Jan 25, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 5 comments

“Oh, for God’s sake,” I can hear you complaining. “Another war film? Another RUSSIAN war film?”

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Posted on Jan 18, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 5 comments

“In the empty, silent spaces of the world, he has found metaphors that illuminate the silent places of our hearts, and found in them, too, a strange and terrible beauty: austere, elegant, enigmatic, haunting.” – Jack Nicholson

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Ashes and Diamonds

Posted on Jan 11, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 3 comments

In addition to the Polish James Dean, A Generation also starred the man often called “the Polish Roman Polanski”: Roman Polanski.

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Alexander Nevsky

Posted on Jan 4, 2009 in The Janus Challenge | 5 comments

Besides his crazy agrarian reform ideas, the state-run film industry also objected to Eisenstein’s use of non-standard camera angles, montage sequences, and other tell-tale signs of his lack of commitment to Mother Russia.

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“Sorry ‘Bout That” Complete

Posted on Dec 1, 2008 in fifi | 0 comments

Finally, all pieces of the video in one playlist!

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fifi – A Band (The Book)

Posted on Dec 1, 2008 in fifi | 2 comments

Sad to say, the revisionist propaganda of the Cultural Revolution must continue, tempting me to make a “Gang of Four” joke here, prevented only by the fact that fifi was usually only a “Gang of Two.”

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fifi History 8: Bonus Tracks

Posted on Nov 30, 2008 in fifi | 1 comment

Eyesight Failing, fifi Sits Bereft and Alone, Amongst the Detritus of a Lifetime Squandered

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