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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

Road to Tacoma, Part II


In May 1984, four months after the first “RTT” spectacular, the Paul’s Basement crew returned to Tacoma, this time to see the mighty Rush on their “Grace Under Pressure” tour.

In this episode, Eric experiences terrifying flashbacks of his sojourn in the underworld, Jason visits the Optical Department at Sears, and Paul drives over one of Matt’s shoes. Why? It’s art, that’s why.

Unfortunately, the only nudity this time is Eric going topless on a merry-go-round (at approximately 00:05:54, in case you’re interested). On the plus side, you do get to see rare footage of Jason’s then-girlfriend Tristan (mentioned in one of his other stories), and, at the end, there’s an exciting old-timey chase across the top of a moving (not really) train. Also, Wade Beaudry cracks a length of hose like a whip, and Jason makes some snide remarks about a friend who shall remain nameless.

Good times.

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