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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

Walkin’ After Midnight


A short film (well, 26 minutes is relatively short, isn’t it?) based on the events described in the Trans Am Incident story.

Matt and I came up with the idea, Matt shot and directed, I shot a couple of “inserts” (like my shifty eyes and sweaty forehead), and I edited.


  1. That’s Cami right? Why do I LOVE her sooo much in this?

    • Because she’s wonderful?

  2. Brilliant! Wonderful! Stupdendous! Not since “Bambi v. Godzilla” has there been such a cinematic short. Should I mention now that I was involved in this project?

    Made on the fly with my new camera (ie, I still didn’t know how it actually worked – and still don’t), the film reminded me of those wonderful “Road To Tacoma” moments of wacky inspiration where you just look at something and go: “Let’s film over there.”

    Of course Jason’s editing and additional content makes the video content seem that much better. My hope is that Jason will, at some point, find public domain music and/or write new music himself and submit it to film festivals. It would win awards. Seriously.

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