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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

Abandoned Miscellany, 2013-2015


These are all places that don’t really merit their own articles/albums, but still worth sharing. A snack, if you will. A palate cleanser between courses. Just one dinner mint? It’s wafer thin…

Some photos taken with my good camera, and some taken with my iPhone.

Site 1

I posted these photos some time ago, and received a (completely justified) scolding for being a bit, shall we say… indiscreet about the location. D’oh! Which is too bad, because it was/is a super cool space, very photogenic, and the trip there was an enjoyable one with a treasured friend. So… take two? This time I will reveal nothing. NOTHING, I tell you! Except: This location is definitely not in Vermont. Nope. Far, far away from Vermont, so don’t even speculate.

Site 2

“You like creepy abandoned places, right?”

“Um… yes.”

“Have you visited that creepy murder cabin up on the (name redacted) trail? It’s not actually on the trail, mind you, more like off to the side. And way past the actual end of the trail. You’ll come to the place where you’re supposed to turn left, but don’t turn left, keep going straight, and when you can’t go any further, climb down to the east of the trail, by the river? Or no, maybe that’s the west side. Well, east or west, depending on which way you’re going. You can’t miss it.”

Site 3

Tired of sitting in the office on a nice day, escaped during lunch, walked down a nearby road that I had only ever driven on previously, and happened to glance down into the woods. Is that…? Could it be…? Clustered around the barely-visible remains of an overgrown cul-de-sac, I discovered a forgotten neighborhood. Upstairs in the largest home, the floor in the hallway was gone, so I shimmied nervously across some exposed beams, which creaked and groaned miserably in protest. There had been a fire here at some point. At the back of the house, a small bedroom with a swept floor, broom propped in the corner. A mattress with clean blankets and pillows. Ancient bicycle, a small pile of books for bedside reading. I took a few pictures with my phone and left quickly.

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