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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

Hospital 03, June 2011


The day began with a three-hour drive to (name of state redacted), breaking our fast with sausage-and-egg-biscuits as the sun was rising. After a brief recon mission at another, more high-profile site (shhh!), we drove to (name of town redacted), parked at a grocery store, and walked a half-mile down a public rail trail. There was a brief moment of panic when we were loudly greeted by some suspiciously friendly bicyclists (“Shit! Do you think those dudes were plainclothes security guards?”), but they slowly receded into the distance and we were once more alone on the trail. After a minute of loitering around and trying to look nonchalant (fairly ridiculous, since two of us were wearing large backpacks stuffed with camera gear), we ducked into the woods and hiked to the hospital.

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  1. Seeing an abandoned piano in an abandoned hospital just makes me think that it’s a perfect setting for a mid 1980’s Bonnie Tyler music video.

  2. In fact, the one pictured in this set was not the only piano I saw at this location.

  3. What is it with hospitals and abandoned pianos? Was it playable? Did you try? Are there certain “rules” when you do this? Rule 1: do not take anything? Rule 2: do not disturb anything? Rule 3: don’t inhale lead paint?

    Pretty darn fascinating, Jason.

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