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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

Paper Mills 01, May 2011


After making contact with a local group of explorers, I was treated to an afternoon in the abandoned paper mills. You can see the exteriors of some of these buildings in the Paper City trailer.

Viewing the Gallery

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When viewing the larger image, click the right/left arrows on the image (or on your keyboard!) to move through the gallery. Click on the X in the upper right corner to return to the list of thumbnails.


  1. I can imagine somebody getting off in that Oldmill LOL. Never been out that way. If you’re ever around here again Email me, do you have my email?
    I assume you have it because I have to put it in to comment on this?

  2. Is that a dead dog?

    Back in 2008 I went in one of the buildings. And saw bunch of computers on the third floor of the building that’s half gone now. Place closed as a Papermill in 1987.

    • I’m not sure *what* that animal is – Dog? Cat? Jackalope? Perhaps some expert out there will chime in and identify… Thanks for commenting, Robert!

      • No problem would you think about re entering I would like to check out the buildings my grandfather worked there in the 60’s it closed in 1987 I believe as a paper mill

      • I would absolutely consider visiting again, but I now live on the other side of the country. Besides which, some or all of the buildings pictured have since been demolished.

      • It was latter known as brown paper. One of 16 paper company’s in Holyoke

      • Many abanded mills near you?
        All take photos of what’s left.
        How old was the porn Magizine?

      • Very few abandoned mills where I live now – Seattle. No idea the age of the porn mag.

  3. Hey Rowan ~ all I can tell you is that it was taken in an old paper mill in Holyoke, MA. If the building hasn’t already been demolished, it will be soon.

  4. Dude the third photo on the first page looks like a hand elevator with original Otis safety breaks. Where was this taken, I am studying vintage elevators and this would be a huge help.

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