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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)


2007: Wheedle in My Rearview

After spending the first 40 years of my life in Seattle, WA, it was time for a radical change. To that end, my wife Robin and I packed up and moved across the country – to Springfield, MA.

My son Max and I took the opportunity to enjoy a long-distance road trip, while Robin searched for our new home in Springfield. During the tumultuous weeks before, during, and after the move, I wrote these blog entries.

Wheedle in My Rearview Posts

2015: Wheedle in My Headlights

What goes up must come down again, or words to that effect. After 8 years in Springfield, Robin found herself pining for grey skies, outrageous housing prices, and artisanal coffee served by contemptuous hipsters, so she moved back to Seattle. Eventually, I followed.

I had some vacation time saved up, so I took a leisurely drive across these glorious United States of ours. I met a few interesting people, saw a few interesting things, and took too many pictures (mostly of the “things”). Here ya go.

Wheedle in My Headlights Posts

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