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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

“Wood” Video


Eric and I borrowed Matt’s video camera to film this in the sparse wooded area behind my house. We set up a boombox and the camera on the back deck, and queued up the song. Eric and I took our places in the trees, and – on my command – my sister Jessica simultaneously pressed “PLAY” on the boombox and “RECORD” on the video camera.

Of course, we had no idea how to get the audio recorded onto the videotape properly, so the resulting VHS tape languished in a storage box for close to two decades.

Eventually, I acquired some video editing software and a manual explaining its use, and I was able to produce a video in accordance with my original vision…

Trying to get our original performance to synchronize with a digital version of the audio proved impossible, but that was easily solved by cutting away to some studio footage whenever the disconnect became too apparent.

As a bonus, this version of the “Wood” video includes an excerpt from the much-rumored Tronix “Mini-Amp” infomercial, hosted by fifi guitarist He’s Aboy.

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