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Jason Toews and fifi (the band)

Victory Theater, May 2011


One Saturday morning, I was invited – along with some professional photographers – to take a tour of the soon-to-be-renovated Victory Theater in Holyoke.

For more info, look here.

Update, April 2012

Good guy Rob Rea teamed up with MIFA to put on an exhibit, and I was honored to be part of it. All of us who had been skulking around in the Victory submitted our photos, Rob threw darts or something to pick the best ones, local businesses donated the prints and mat boards, and four of us (Rob, Jim, Stef, and I) spent a Saturday afternoon in the MIFA offices getting spray-mount on everything (no worries – all tax-deductible). Best of all, we got permission to hold the exhibit at an empty bank in downtown Holyoke, complete with massive steel doors at the entrance and a vault downstairs. Being the first time my art has been on display in a public place, I was pretty excited about the whole thing, and probably made a fool of myself. Here’s a few pictures of the event:

Update, July 2013

Have I mentioned what a good guy Rob Rea is? That fucking guy (shakes head in bemused wonderment)… Two years after my first amateurish attempts to photograph the Victory (my camera died and I forgot to bring a spare battery, just for starters), Rob gave me a chance to redeem myself. Much better results this time, so I’ve moved them to the beginning of the set below. The first 17 pictures are from this most recent trip, the rest… well, they’re good for judging the improvement in my photography skills, if nothing else.

Viewing the Gallery

Click on any thumbnail to see the larger image and the caption (if any).

When viewing the larger image, click the right/left arrows on the image (or on your keyboard!) to move through the gallery. Click on the X in the upper right corner to return to the list of thumbnails.


  1. Wow! Pretty amazing. Can you give me/us some details? How old? How many seats did it once have? How many will it have after it’s renovated? When was it last in operation? Is there a consortium behind the re-build or someone with big $$ wanting to invest? What is your role in this? Anything?

    What I’ve learned with “Historic Everett” is that there are nooks and crannies everywhere so you should, certainly, explore the theatre in depth. Who knows what you’ll find and, at some point, you should find someone who used to work there/act there, etc. to create some history for the place. “Oh, I remember when we showed _______ and the mayor….”

    Very cool.

    Also…every theatre has a ghost – so it might behoove you to find out who the ghost is so you can make sure he/she/it is involved. (HET’s ghost goes by the name of Al.)

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